AFM 7018 Stick Welding Rod, 10 Lb Tube

AFM 7018 Stick Welding Rod, 10 Lb Tube

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WeldTube SKU #: AFM7018I12510V , AFM7018I09310V

Manufacturer Part #: 7018I12510V , 7018I09310V


  • A low-hydrogen iron powder type electrode that produces high quality x-ray welds.
  • It can be used in all positions on AC or DC reverse polarity welding current.
  • Recommended for welding medium grade carbon steels where no preheat is used, and on cold rolled steels normally exhibiting excessive porosity when welded with conventional electrodes.
  • Typical applications includes low-alloy structural, low, medium and high carbon steels, offshore rigs and power plants, steel structures and tack welds for tubular wire applications.
  • Vacuum sealed to optimize performance.
  • Ideal for AC applications requiring low penetration
  • DC+/AC Current acceptable
  • H4 electrodes have low hydrogen content which make them resistant to cracks and allows them to form stronger welds for a longer period of time.