Aluminum Tungsten Holder - For Half Cut Tungstens

Aluminum Tungsten Holder - For Half Cut Tungstens

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Aluminum Tungsten Holder - For Half Tungstens

Welding TIG tungsten holder. Machined from solid 7075 T651 aluminum bar which is strong and harder than average mild steel(A36). Just a little over 11/16 inside diameter(.700) and 3 1/2" deep so you can hold half sticks of tungsten that are normally 7" long new.

The grooves along the body are for extra grip tightening and removing the cap. 15/16" outside diameter. Little over 4 7/8" total length (4.900).

Designed and manufactured in the United States.

These holders are much better than the often used black iron pipe with NPT caps that always seem to break or blunt the tips of your sharpened tungsten.

Made to hold tungsten when out in the field or in the shop. The inside bottom and the bottom of the cap have a black UHMW insert to ensure the sharpened tungsten tips do not get damaged.

These holders are now made with quick turn 2 lead stub acme threads for improved durability and quicker cap removal.